Perpetua Ipulet

Senior Lecturer & Head of Department

Department of Plant sciences, Microbiology and Biotechnology

Teaching areas: Microbiology, Applied Microbiology/Biotechnology, Biosystematics, Plant pathology, Ecology (Fungi/Plants), Plant diversity and evolution.

  • Microbiology: PhD student of Prof Leif Ryvarden (Univ. of Oslo, Norway; Retired)); Dr Cony Decock (Catholic University, Louvain, Belgium),  and, Prof Hannington K. Taligoola (Mak, Retired)

Research areas:

  • Ecology of pore fungi (Polyporales)
  • Applied microbiology - Mushroom Farming
  • Plant pathology (Banana bacterial wilt, Witches’ brooms)

Botany - Research areas:

  • Ficus species specialist (MSc) - Ecology and uses of genus Ficus (Moraceae)
  • Conservation of medicinal plants: Warburgia ugandensis (Canellaceae) - Propagation, Restoration, Re-introduction