BSc. Conservation Biology

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The major focus of this programme is on conservation biology, management, and sustainable utilisation of biodiversity and its regulation. Conservation biology aims at understanding ecosystems and maintaining their diversity. It also emphasises the conservation of all biodiversity and the processes at all levels. The degradation of both the quantity and quality of Uganda’s biological resources has consequent-ly resulted in the poor ecosystem’s health. The understanding of human interac-tion with biological resources and their effective conservation and management will form the basis for their survival and sustainable utilisation in the long term.


The goal of the programme is to train personnel at a higher level who will have scientific and technical expertise for effective protection, maintenance and resto-ration of life on planet earth and Uganda in particular — the species, the ecologi-cal and evolutionary processes and the total environment. The specific objectives of the programme are:

• To train a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary-based cadre of Con-servation Biologists to effect sustained utilisation and conservation of biological resources and their habitats based on sound natural resourc-es management policies. • To train people in the skills of scientific evaluation of habitats, biologi-cal resources, assessment, monitoring and impacts of resource use.

• To train people in the skills of maintenance and restoration of ecosys-tems and integration of local communities into conservation of biolog-ical resources.

• To give an opportunity to the lower cadres of staff engaged in natu-ral resources conservation and management service to upgrade their knowledge and skills in the planning, monitoring and Conservation of biological resources.

• To enhance awareness and impart skills for more intensive ex situ con-servation of biological resources.

• To promote revenue generation through sustainable tourism, recre-ation, training, trade and employment in Uganda.

Programme Structure


3 Years