MSc. Botany


The main objective of this programme is to produce graduates with more advanced knowledge and research skills in various disciplines of plant science which are relevant to scientific development and conservation of plant diversity for socio-economic development of the country

Specific Objectives

After completion of the MSc degree programme, the graduate should be able to

  1. Identify research problems; formulate testable objectives, develop appropriate methods and experimental designs and write up viable research proposals in plant science.
  2. Implement research projects and produce credible reports
  3. Contribute towards finding of solutions for societal problems associated with plant science and resources.
  4. Apply knowledge of plant science in development of plant products
  5. Apply knowledge of plant science in the restoration of degraded environments
  6. Influence and guide government policy on the sustainable utilization of plant resources through research work and dissemination of knowledge.
  1. Provide advanced training of personnel for Makerere Staff development and National demands for research and government institutional building capacities in relevant disciplines.
  1. Offer training in aspects of applied Botany which will expose qualified candidates to practical problems and issues concerning plant resource research and development, ecology, improvement, utilization and conservation.

Facilitate the acquisition of practical skills and techniques for scientific enquiry, research and evaluation.